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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Frosty morning...

While this may very well look like a summer image, it was shot today, November 12th, just 1/2 hr ago out near the road running by our place. I saw evidence of deer pawing the ground for shrubs and bulbs in the woods there and the rising sun sparkled through water droplets suspended from twigs and leaves. I scavenged some barnacally-twigs to photo later, intending a sort of over-exposure image of them against white paper. What a change using a makro lens makes to eyeing the world. You instantly become a better photographer - even if you aren't necessarily in the real world (like me). Its sort of like the old adage I remember from photo school days: If you can't make it good, make it big. And further, make it big and in colour and on grainy film. Certainly a sure fire recipe for success!
See you tomorrow...

Friday, November 11, 2005

First Real PhotoBlog Post

So good morning. This was taken a short while ago out the window of the Oshawa/Union GO train run. Its just a snap of Lake Ontario, but I knew there'd be very little light at the time so I just opted for 8 and 15 second exposures and let 'em rip. This was the nicest (despite the cruddy GO train lights reflecting in the window glass... I shall have to try and work with that).

Here are the specs on the image:

model: NIKON D100
software: Ver.2.00
capture date: Friday, November 11, 2005 7:56:03 AM
EXIF version: 2.2
FlashPix version: 1.0
exposure program: Manual
ISO speed: 200
compression: 4:1
shutter speed: 8
aperture: f22.0
exposure bias: +0.0
metering: Pattern
light source: Cloudy
flash: OFF
focal length: 18.0
sensing: One-chip color area sensor

On to work now...

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Test post for PhotoBlog

This is a first attempt at uploading an image. I am testing the waters for posting a new and different image every day. We had a frost a few days ago and I rushed out as the house was not yet quite awake and photo'd some frost tipped dandelions and grasses and things.

As I take the same route to work each day (car drive, train ride, walk to work and the the reverse), I shall have to become inventive to post a different image evry day. But be aware, I guess, that the gestalt of images will come from those three main themes of travel. I will try to post over the weekends too and that will add some varity, I hope.

Thanks for checking this out.

Sunday, November 06, 2005


Live in the country now. We have a second child, a daughter (following our first child, a boy), and I do somewhat different stuff at work in the Newsroom - I act as a quasi-designer on a re-design of the company's family of websites, reporting to a chief designer.

We still have four cats, but they also still all stay inside - despite the countryside being a terrific place for them to be out and investigating things. We have 17 acres an hour east of Toronto, a barn with working 1960 Massey Ferguson MF30 Diesel tractor, a stream through woods and lots of field. Moving in last winter was difficult and really drained us for some months. The advent of spring was a gift we shall never forget (although we did have fun in the snow). Summer was beautiful and fantastic and greatly expanded out horizons. Fall came quickly and we are in the midst of prepping for winter. I am off to retire now as I rise at quarter to 5 in the morning in order to make transportation connections to get to work on time. Nite...