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Monday, October 28, 2002

Visit my website: HELLUM.CA

I host it on my G4 at home ('Digital Audio' 733/512/60GB). I bought the domain usage from CIRA, bought the redirection service (IP forwarding) from Dynamic DNS and use the freeware utility DNSUpdate to keep DynDNS notified of my sorta-static cable IP.

I kind of doubt that anyone actually reads this page, but on the off-chance that someone stumbles across it and has a question, email me at fenris64@fastmail.ca and I will post the question and reply.

Again, this page is meant to supply information about the digital operation of a modern Newsroom in a major daily newspaper from an IT perspective with a bent to imaging.

People are Weird.

I realize that there is no standardized code of ethics floating around... but then again isn't there? What makes your relationships with others change over time? Are not the initial and early perceptions of a relationship with others the basis upon which one should blend through all future interactions?

I mean let's all get on the same page on this. Oh what the hell. Mice in a maze.

Over and Out.