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Friday, November 18, 2005


This was my view heading home to the train last night while walking the train platform at Union station. I think the last few nights of just 4-5 hours sleep each have caught up with me. This morning was very difficult to motivate myself. Freaking cat started meowing next to me at 3am (Poum) which didn't help. Off to work now...

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Barn Roof

After patching some real holes and cracks in the roof of the barn a couple of Saturdays ago, I realized that I didn't want to come down off the roof. The ladder was there, I was clearly abrogating my parental responsibilities by leaving Carrie with both kids while she wanted to do stuff too (whatever it might have been), ther were certainly other things I needed to do around the place too. But somehow I feel glued to that roof. Its pretty high up. There is some danger of slipping off as the surface is quite dusty with rust, and there is only the one, thin, layer of tin and then nothing until you might plunge through to the second floor inside. The tin was warm in the sun and I could feel it through the soles of my threadbare Chucks. So I sat down - carefully - and splayed my legs out over the cooking surface and felt at home. A train rumbled by. I watched some leaves come off a grand old Maple off to the side. I lay back and watched the sky. I've done that - watched the sky - so much more since we moved to the country. In a small way I am trying to conjure up the feelings I experienced as a boy growing up in Alberta. I very closely identified with William Kurelek's books "A Prairie Boy's Summer" and "A Prairie Boy's Winter." I knew the paintings looked awkwardedly painted, but they felt so close to me and what I and my friends were actually doing that I felt it was us in the paintings actually; that somehow we'd been secretly observed and documented.

After a little while, my conscience got the better of me, and I rolled onto my stomach and inched backwards down to the edge and the awaiting ladder. One last look at the patched cracks and I slipped over and down onto the rungs.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Our Two

Yes, its getting a little chillier here. We bundle them in fleeces and boots and sensible shoes....hats when they tolerate them. They are our life's loves, our diamonds and our pearls. I would lay down my life in a New York second for these two dear creatures. Unto the very ends of the fabric of the Universe.

Fall's come

This, from last week, out at the back of our property. It was a beautiful day. Clearly, posting an image a day taken on that day has proven too great a challenge - even after 3 days worth of blogging! Sheesh, you'd think there'd be more staying power in this than that. However, I have thousands of negs/trannies from years past and an equal amount of digital images lo these four last years we went digital... Perhaps I'll post another image later tonight when I'll have more time.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Cheater image...

It's late Sunday night and I didn't shoot a single picture all day, and so I have cheated this daily image blog and am posting one from yesterday.