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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Test post for PhotoBlog

This is a first attempt at uploading an image. I am testing the waters for posting a new and different image every day. We had a frost a few days ago and I rushed out as the house was not yet quite awake and photo'd some frost tipped dandelions and grasses and things.

As I take the same route to work each day (car drive, train ride, walk to work and the the reverse), I shall have to become inventive to post a different image evry day. But be aware, I guess, that the gestalt of images will come from those three main themes of travel. I will try to post over the weekends too and that will add some varity, I hope.

Thanks for checking this out.


  • Hey, good on you sweet man. You know, when they say that if one can't get a good picture in their backyard to not seek taking pictures elsewhere, well, you have 17 acres so is that kind of, well, cheating?

    Beautiful water drops today. I look forward to tomorrow.


    By Blogger gardengirl63, at 7:28 AM  

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