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Sunday, November 06, 2005


Live in the country now. We have a second child, a daughter (following our first child, a boy), and I do somewhat different stuff at work in the Newsroom - I act as a quasi-designer on a re-design of the company's family of websites, reporting to a chief designer.

We still have four cats, but they also still all stay inside - despite the countryside being a terrific place for them to be out and investigating things. We have 17 acres an hour east of Toronto, a barn with working 1960 Massey Ferguson MF30 Diesel tractor, a stream through woods and lots of field. Moving in last winter was difficult and really drained us for some months. The advent of spring was a gift we shall never forget (although we did have fun in the snow). Summer was beautiful and fantastic and greatly expanded out horizons. Fall came quickly and we are in the midst of prepping for winter. I am off to retire now as I rise at quarter to 5 in the morning in order to make transportation connections to get to work on time. Nite...


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