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Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Missed a day there...

I started copying buckets and buckets of files from one of our legacy image databases yesterday. The files exist now on a Mac in the newsroom and I copy them across trhe network to a shared Windows NT 2000 server to a particular "watched" folder. The app I mentioned last post that organizes, inserts and displays our "new" image archive watches this folder on the shared server (MediaFactory). However, it seems only able to process 300 of the files in this folder per hour. I found after a little spidey-sense tingling that I ought to check, that my copy-over was proceeding enormously faster than MediaFactory was able to process. I therefore very quickly accumulated 17 000 images in the watched folder. Ulp. At 300/hour, that's 55 hours of CPU time downstairs. I have about 60 000 more files yet to copy-over. This is gonna be a longish process...

So I am putting together a final quote from a supplier on that new jukebox. After all is said and done it will run to tens of tens of thousands of dollars. But what a sweet thing of beauty it will be to see in operation. Double-sided 4.7GB DVDs (yielding 9.4GB per disk of storage) being flipped by the robotic arm and inserted into the reader in less than 2 seconds. Wow. OK, so how could anyone get interested in this? Ask yourself how anyone could not only make something like this (I have no idea and kowtow to those who do), but make it reliable for use day-in day-out, and year-in year-out. Too much.

We are f*$#%ing freezing our butts off here in Editorial. Something is way too wacky with the building AC and we have all been slowly freezing to death over the last couple of weeks. Repeated emails to building maintenace have gone unheeded, so further action was called for. I marched down to the head of operations and introduced myself. I stuck out my hand, which he grasped, and then hung on and said "There, that's how f*cking cold it is upstairs". He said he'd look into it.

I am looking into SQL database training here in Toronto. I need to be able to query the MediaFactory SQL database directl;y through datyabase analyzer tools. I just looked at a four-day introductory course: CAD$ 2 800.00 Yoiks.

Also as mentione above, I am on the core team inplementing the new pagination system at the paper. In representing Photo and Graphics interests lots of queries relating to these areas come through me when they arise in the new environment - (CCI. We are creating an internal newsletter to keep all staff informed of events and developments through the training and subsequent roll-out phases, and in the first issue we want to introduce the core "Superuser" team. I was asked take some mugshots of the six members and could not because it would be against the Union's rules to take a picture by a person noit hired as a phtoographer for a Globe and Mail publication. Oh well. Didn't really want to anyway. Stop by my website and see some of what I have done as a photographer.

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